Sunday, November 3, 2013

15th Annual Learn to Home Brew Day!

Yesterday the UnderGroundBrewSquad participated in the AHA's 15th Annual Learn to Home Brew Day, which was held at Brew Ferment Distill in Sacramento, Ca. The event hosted AHA's 2013 Home Brewer of the Year Annie Johnson, The UnderGroundBrewSquad Home Brew Club and a few local home brewers that conducted brewing demonstrations and Q&A sessions for individuals who wanted to learn about home brewing. The staff at BFD also shared their knowledge with attendees who had any questions that pertained to zymurgy, ingredients and brewing equipment . The brewers that brewed at the function also shared their knowledge and experiences in home brewing. Their skill levels ranged from novice to advanced. Throughout the day the attendees sampled many styles of home brew and chewed on tasty edibles donated by a few local restaurants and food vendors.
The day started out pretty mellow. The weather was on the chilly side around 55 degrees, clear skies and sunny. A nice day for brewing! Around 9:30 the first of the brewers arrived on site and prepped their stations for their demonstrations. The demos would feature three types of brewing. Extract, Mini Mash and All-grain. The three techniques would take place in a variety on settings. One on a stove top, another camper stove and rounding out the last propane burner setups.
As the brewing got underway the Q&A sessions kicked in full swing. Onlookers asked a number of questions. The brewers responded to the best of their abilities and made sure that everyone could understand. The main agenda of the day was to educate and show how easy it is to make beer at home. No questions went unanswered. If a home brewer could not answer a question for some reason another home brewer would chime in and assist. A few of the questions that stood out at the event was "How long does it take to make beer" and "What's the hardest part of the brewing process"?
The day went by pretty quick. The last of the brews were transferred into their primary fermentation vessels around 4pm. The attendance started to thin out once the in house kegs and home brews tapped out. Overall the event was a success. The goals were met. The community came out in support of the movement. The U.B.S. is looking forward to participating in 16th Annual Learn To Home Brew Day.
Thanx goes out to everyone that made the event possible: BDF, UnderGroundBrewSquad, The Shack, Annie Johnson, Steve Gonzales, AHA and everyone that donated their time and energy. Cheers!!!

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