Thursday, July 18, 2013


  So, I've been into this home brewing thing for awhile now and I am constantly trying to gather information that will enhance my knowledge of craft brewing. A couple of days ago I questioned myself about the way I approach making my beers. I found it to be really interesting. Even though I've read a lot of written material, listened to many podcast and picked the brains of some of my favorite local brew masters, I found that I ultimately choose what works best for me. Never knew that I could be such a prude!
  Any how I thought it would be neat to start a thread in hopes that we could share our personal preferences when it comes to fermentation portion of the home brewing process. There are many variables that can make or break the final product, so I would really like to know how we approach the matters. I think it's pretty rad that we are basically using the same formula just approaching it differently.
 Okay folks, here we go! (1) Carboy, bucket or keg.(2) Primary vs. secondary.(3) Conditioning of the beer forced carbonation, priming or natural.
  I am looking forward to reading your responses! It should be enlightening because the reality of it all is that we are all trying to produce a really good product to share with our families, friends and associates. Tasty Adult Beverages!
  Until next time. Brew Excellent!!!!!

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  1. Although I really enjoy watching the fermentation process through the glass of a carboy, they are not fun to clean. Even with the D-I-Y carboy washer. They also limit your access to harvesting yeast. If it is a yeast that I really want to propagate, then I forgo the chance to watch the magical moment that the beer comes to life, and settle to listen to the happy chug chug chug of the blow off tube.

    Almost always racking to clear in the carboy. The main reason being they are more plentiful than kegs in my brewery, and with various aging requirements it makes more sense to have only drink worthy beer in the kegs.

    Cheers to new beers! Lady Ellamie